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Longboat Pass Flood Shoal Sand Traps and Beach Fill Project (2006-2014)


Longboat Pass is located in Manatee County, Florida. H&M completed a regional modeling and inlet management update for Longboat Pass in 2008. The study also included the potential use of the flood shoal as a renewable source of sand through the creation of sand traps. Subsequently, two sand traps were permitted and dredged, resulting in approximately 100,000 CY of beach compatible material. This project was implemented and all the material dredged was placed on a highly eroded section of Longboat Key south of the Pass. The project was completed in July 2014 and will be monitored. Construction funding was provided by WCIND and the Town of Longboat Key. 


Project Tasks Included:

  • Regional Model study

  • Inlet Management Plan

  • Sand Compatibility Analysis

  • Inlet and Nearshore Processes Modeling

  • Long-term Inlet Evolution Modeling 

  • Wave and sediment transport modeling

  • Analysis of erosion control alternatives

  • Coordination with State Historic Preservation Office 

  • Construction Observation


Scope Included:

  • Alternatives Analysis

  • Design and Permitting

  • Contract Documents & Specifications

  • Construction Observation

  • Project Monitoring


H&M Staff that worked on this project:

  • Brett D. Moore, P.E., Project Manager/Project Engineer

  • Mohamed Dabees, Ph.D., P.E., Regional & local coastal process modeling, nearshore and inlet and beach morphology modeling.

  • Marc Damon, Coastal Engineer, Project design, compatibility analysis, borrow area design, modeling and technical support

  • Michael Mann, Field Engineer, technical support, construction observation QA/QC compliance.

  • Steve Foge, Quality control, data coordination, monitoring & analysis

Additional detail available here.

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