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Our Company

At H&M, our design mission statement is Restoring Beaches as Natural Coastal Systems.

Humiston & Moore Engineers (H&M) is a civil engineering consulting firm founded in 1991 by Kenneth K. Humiston, P.E., and Brett D. Moore, P.E., to provide specialized services in the field of coastal engineering. H&M has been providing these specialized services for over 20 years, although the two principals have been providing such services with a combined career experience of over 60 years.


H&M has completed a wide variety of coastal engineering projects including beach restoration, beach and inlet management studies and implementation, inlet dredging, spoil disposal, beach and inlet coastal morphology studies, FEMA map evaluations and LOMR studies, navigation projects, emergency storm response, and more.  H&M has been a leader in the field of coastal process modeling and design, with international recognition in the development of modern modeling procedures as well as working with other nationally and internationally recognized leaders in this field. This expertise has resulted in H&M being able to optimize designs, obtain permits, and complete successfull coastal projects to improve the design life of a beach fill project or to address high erosion areas where beach restoration is no longer feasible.



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