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FEMA Flood Mapping

The State of Florida has gone through the transition of the FEMA remapping process over the recent years, which has allowed H&M to gain experience and understanding of the complexities associated with FEMA Flood Maps along coastal barrier islands. This experience and knowledge allows H&M to provide a variety of approaches to solve complex problems in a cost‐effective manner. H&M’s strong technical background in the specialized field of coastal engineering, both from an academic perspective and in terms of practical applied experience (data collection, design, permitting, and cost estimation) provides a comprehensive and complete approach to address technical challenges.


The principals and professional staff of H&M have the experience communicating and working with local officials, FEMA Floodplain Managers, FEMA’s subcontractors (e.i. URS and Michael Baker Corp). H&M provides technical assistance and recommendations including; the assessment and review of FEMA maps, review of Flood Insurance Studies, application of FEMA flood zone models (CHAMP erosion, wave and runup modules), data review and requests, data collection means and methods, mitigation alternatives and feasibility.


H&M provides FEMA map review services, running the FEMA wave models to evaluate FEMA flood zone designations. H&M staff works closely with the FEMA Contractors and local coastal floodplain managers in the successful remapping of properties adversely affected by the zone designations. Some sample FEMA remapping projects are listed below:

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