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FEMA LOMR for Belize, Monterrey dand Cozumel Condominiums – Marco Island, Florida (2008/2009) 

Humiston & Moore Engineers H&M was initially selected by the Monterrey Condominium in Marco Island to assess their FEMA flood zones. Following preliminary review of existing survey data and FEMA Flood Insurance Study (FIS), H&M determined the feasibility for obtaining a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR). H&M recommended collection of denser survey data than used by FEMA to generate their maps in this region. The refined dataset was used with the FEMA CHAMP numerical model. The updated analysis with site specific information resulted in a seaward shift of the flood Zone‐VE closer to the Gulf of Mexico.

Following H&M’s success in bringing the Monterrey Condominium from a Zone‐VE to a Zone‐AE, the two neighboring condominiums decided to join in the effort and have their flood zones evaluated as well. H&M was successful in bringing these two additional high profile condominiums outside of the Flood Hazard Zone (zone‐VE).

H&M’s analysis resulted in the change of the Digital Flood Insurance Map (DFIRM) for the properties concerned, which also resulted in significantly lower insurance premiums. 

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