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Humiston & Moore Engineers is the engineer of record for the Honeymoon Island restoration Project. The Phase I project was completed in 2007, it included fill placement and construction of one Tgroin (see more). The Phase II project construction started August 2014 and includes three additional Tgroins and placement of approximately 160,000 CY of sand.


Humiston & Moore Engineers designed and permitted the South Siesta Key Beach Restoration Project, Phase II. The project include dredging approximately 690,000 cubic yards of sand from offshore borrow areas  using a hopper dredge and placing sand on the beach and in nearshore area. This project is the first maintenance following the 2007 beach fill project. Construction is to start in March 2016.

2000 - 2013

Humiston & Moore Engineers (H&M) was hired by the owner of the north end of Keewaydin Island to plan, design and implement an erosion control project to address the on-going erosion along the downdrift side of Gordon Pass. Keewaydin Island is located near the south end of the City of Naples, in Collier County, Florida.

2006 - 2014

Longboat Pass is located in Manatee County, Florida.  H&M completed a regional modeling and inlet management update for Longboat Pass in 2008.  The study also included the potential use of the flood shoal as a renewable source of sand through the creation of sand traps.  Subsequently, two sand traps were permitted and dredged, resulting in approximately 100,000 CY of beach compatible material. 

The Longboat Pass study was conducted under a cooperative effort between the West Coast Inland Navigation District (WCIND) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).  Longboat Pass is a tidal inlet connecting the north part of Big Sarasota Bay to the Gulf of Mexico.

2007 - 2014

Honeymoon Island is a state beach park located in Dunedin, Pinellas County on the southwest coast of Florida.  It is the highest attended beach state park in Florida.  A portion of the island was artificially constructed with material mined from offshore in the 1960's, and the park has had a chronic erosion problem along the gulf coast shoreline ever since.


Doctors Pass is a navigable inlet bordered by jetties and is located in the City of Naples, Collier County, on the southwest coast of Florida.  This inlet was created in 1960 and is maintenance dredged on an approximately 3 to 4 year interval.  Humiston & Moore Engineers was contracted by Collier County to prepare the design drawing and techncial specifications for the 2013 maintenance dredging operation. 

2006 - 2014

Snake Island is located in the flood shoal area of Venice Inlet in Sarasota County, Florida. The Island had been chronically eroding since the 1970’s, losing approximately 80% of its surface area between 1977 and 2013. H&M completed a regional modeling and inlet management update for Venice Inlet in 2008.

1997 - 2010

Humiston and Moore Engineers (H&M) was selected by Collier County in 1994 to prepare the Big Marco and Capri Pass Inlet Management Study to identify inlet impacts and recommend mitigation measures to address impacts from the expansive dual inlet system on the adjacent beaches. Capri Pass opened in 1967 




The regional hydrodynamic model for Lee County Barrier Islands included the interconnected bay system including Pine Island Sound, Port Charlotte, and fresh water inflow from the Caloosahatchee River, Peace River, and Myakka River. The model was validated with flow measurements at Boca Grande and data from Fort Myers NOAA station.



This project was a concerted effort between Humiston & Moore Engineers, Lee Couty, the West Coast Inland Management District (WCIND), the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and the Army Corp of Engineers to implement the dredging of Matanzas Pass as part of the State Beach Management Plan. 


Lee County selected H&M to assist with local implementation of a Federal Erosion Control Project.  The project area included approximately three miles of eroded shoreline north of Boca Grande Pass.  The erosion was most severe in front of a seawall just north of the inlet.

2000 - 2010

H&M was retained by a group of beachfront property owners north of Gordon Pass to evaluate their on-going erosion problem and design and permit an erosion control project. Erosion had been progressively extending north along the seawalled properties north of the inlet which is a Federal Navigation Project maintained by the Corps of Engineers since 1960. 


The Keewaydin Island jetty, located on the south side of Gordon Pass in Naples Florida, was constructed over 40 years ago to stabilize the beach area south of the pass and to reduce sand losses to the adjacent inlet.  Over the years, the jetty condition has deteriorated and contributed to the chronic beach erosion at the north part of the island.  


Dune Reconstruction Project

This project included coordination with the Lely Barefoot Beach Property Owners Association to reconstruct a dune following impact from Tropical Storm Gabrielle in 2001.  The sand was retrieved from the overwashed area. The dune is approximately 4500 feet in length.

1998 - 2010

Dredging of Redfish Pass ebb tidal shoal as a sand source for beach restoration on Captiva Island in 1981 and 1989 resulted in impacts to adjacent beaches.  Humiston & Moore Engineers (H&M) was selected by the property owners on the north side of the inlet to design an erosion control project.  The project design consisted of three low profile T-groins, designed specifically to balance beach stability with continued littoral transport in order to avoid downdrift impacts.


This project was constructed in two phases.  The first phase was 600,000 cubic yards of beach fill and two terminal groins.  A segmented breakwater was permitted as a second phase to be constructed upon demonstration to DEP that it was a necessary element of the project.

2008 - 2009

Humiston & Moore Engineers H&M was initially selected by the Monterrey Condominium in Marco Island to assess their FEMA flood zones. Following preliminary review of existing survey data and FEMA Flood Insurance Study (FIS), H&M determined the feasibility for obtaining a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR).


An interior waterway resort located in the Charlotte Harbor contacted H&M to assist in their FEMA flood zone analysis. The client acquired a property with intentions to redevelop the land but was severely restricted. The local building code strictly prohibited new construction in a Zone-VE with Elev. 14, which limited the client’s vision of the property.


The beach front Westgate Condominium in Naples Florida, contacted H&M to evaluate their FEMA flood zones for a building expansion project. Initial review of topographic survey data and FEMA numerical model indicated that modification of the Flood Hazard zone (Zone‐VE) would be difficult using standard FEMA procedures and assumptions.

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