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Fort Myers Beach Maintenance Dredging (2009)


This project was a concerted effort between Humiston & Moore Engineers, Lee Couty, the West Coast Inland Management District (WCIND), the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and the Army Corp of Engineers to implement the dredging of Matanzas Pass as part of the State Beach Management Plan. Matanzas Pass is a crucial navigable waterway for private and commercial vessels, including a local fishing fleet. This inlet also provide access for the U.S. Coast Guard.



To dredge Matanzas Pass and re-establish the navigation channel. The inlet had shoaled at the critical point off the north end of Estero Island where the federal channel was completely blocked. Navigating around the channel was dangerous to boaters due to the shallow region to the north, which also contained seagrasses. Additionally, the north end of Estero Island was deemed piping plover habitat. Close coordination with the Fish and Wildlife Service & USACE and was crucial to expedite the project.

The USACE completed the federal coordination, bid specs, and construction. Due to DEP concerns on sediment size, a nearshore disposal plan was employed.




  • Seagrass and biological surey assessment

  • Geotechnical analysis`

  • Design and permitting



  • Regulatory coordination state and federal

  • Construction plans and specifications

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