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Hydrodynamic Modeling and Analysis of Lee County Barrier Islands Surface Waters (2009)



The regional hydrodynamic model for Lee County Barrier Islands included the interconnected bay system including Pine Island Sound, Port Charlotte, and fresh water inflow from the Caloosahatchee River, Peace River, and Myakka River. The model was validated with flow measurements at Boca Grande and data from Fort Myers NOAA station.



Simulate natural tidal circulation so that effects of physical changes to waterway geometry can be predicted. The model provides boundary conditions for detailed local models for various projects within the bay system.



  • Erosion control design Boca Grande Erosion Control Project(Lee County)

  • Coastal Processes Analysis for North Captiva Island(Private Client)

  • Inlet circulation for permitting beach fill project (Sanibel Island)

Lee County Barrier Islands and Bay system Regional model coverage


  • Water levels and velocity fluctuations throughout Boca Grande Pass.

  • Boundary conditions for local hydrodynamics, flushing and water quality modeling.

  • Evaluation of the existing conditions and the proposed post construction conditions.

  • Evaluation of alternatives and design optimization. 

Flow model results of Wave Current interaction at the south end of Gasparilla Island

Detailed grid and water depths Boca Grande model 

Detailed Local model domain for Boca Grande

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