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Recent Projects

Humiston & Moore Engineers designed and assisted in permitting the Clam Pass Maintenance Dredging Project for the Pelican Bay services Division of Collier County (PBSD). The project is to restore the alignment of Clam Pass to the design template and conduct maintenance dredging of a portion of the Clam Pass Channel in order to maintain tidal exchange between Clam Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The project was awarded to Energy Ressources,  Inc., construction started on April 6, 2016 and was completed on May 9, 2016.


Project Construction Updates





Clam Pass Maintenance Dredging Project  (2016)

Construction: April 2016 (Click on Photo to expand)

Clam Pass 3-23-16 12
Clam Pass 4-25-16 15
Clam Pass 4-25-16 14
Clam Pass 4-27-16 02
Clam Pass 4-27-16 01
Clam Pass 4-27-16 07
Clam Pass 4-27-16 06
Clam Pass 4-27-16 05
Clam Pass 4-27-16 04
Clam Pass 4-27-16 03
  • Clam Pass Tidal Monitoring: click here.

Aerial Photos courtesy of PBSD, Aerial Innovation and H&M

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