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Design & Permitting

Design & Permitting

Keewaydin Island

Coastal Zone Management

Coastal Zone Management

Clam Pass

Project Management

Project Management

Honeymoon Island

FEMA Flood Mapping

FEMA Flood Mapping

Numerical Modeling

Numerical Modeling

Longboat Key

Welcome to H&M Engineers

Humiston & Moore Engineers was established in 1991 to specialize in civil engineering projects within the dynamic coastal zone. H&M works with coastal communities, governmental agencies, and private property owners, offering services that include beach nourishment and other alternatives to erosion control, inlet and navigation channel maintenance, marina design, Coastal Construction Control Line permitting, and FEMA flood zone mapping. Our Engineers employ state-of-the-art technical and modeling tools combined with years of hands-on experience with coastal construction to develop practical applied solutions. H&M has developed unique solutions that have successfully solved problems under challenging site conditions where there were either natural resource or regulatory constraints.  Our philosophy is that fully understanding the complex processes that cause erosion is essential to designing successful projects, it is also the key to designing projects that will effectively restore natural coastal systems.

What we specialize in

H&M has completed successfull projects all around Florida providing various coastal engineering services, including:

> Design & Permitting

    Beach nourishment, Dredging,

    Sand Search and Compatibility

    Erosion Control

> Project Management

    Specification Preparation

    Data Collection 

    Feasability Studies

> Coastal Zone Management

     Hard Bottom and Reef Mitigation

     Beach & Inlet Management

     Regional Sand Budget                         

> FEMA Flood Mapping


    Base Flood Map

    Elevation Certificate

> Numerical Modeling        Wave Transformation

    Sediment Transport

    Coastal Structures 

> Projects

    Relevant Projects

    completed by H&M




New St Pete Pier Opening

Humiston & Moore Engineers was the engineer of record for the design of the segmented breakwater at the New St Pete Pier. After several year of construction, the new St Pete Pier opened its doors to the general  public in July 2020.  Click here for more details.

Apollo Beach Nourishment Phase - Project Completion

The Apollo Beach Stabilization Project breakwater and revetment construction Phase was completed in 2015, recent work included placement of approximately 11,000 CY of sand. The project nourishment Phase was completed in late August 2016. Further details on the project are available here.

Clam Pass Tide Monitoring

Humiston & Moore Engineers is providing professional engineering services to process and analysze hydraulic monitoring data collected by Pelican Bay Services Division for Clam Bay. Hydraulic data is processed on a monthly basis and presented here.

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