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Welcome to H&M Engineers

Established in 1991 Humiston & Moore Engineers (H&M) is a civil engineering consulting firm, which provides professional services in the specialized field of coastal engineering. H&M has been a leader in the field of coastal engineering and erosion control design through the practical yet innovative application of proven technologies. H&M has state-of-the-art coastal modeling capabilities including coastal processes, bay and estuarine hydrodynamics, waves, sediment transport, inlet morphology and hydrodynamic modeling. In addition, H&M provides FEMA map review services, running the FEMA wave models to evaluate FEMA flood zone designations. 


H&M has completed successfull projects all around FLorida providing various coastal engineering services, including:


> Numerical Modeling        Wave Transformation

    Sediment Transport

    Coastal Structures 

> Coastal Zone Management

     Hard Bottom and Reef Mitigation

     Beach & Inlet Management

     Regional Sand Budget                         

> Design & Permitting

    Beach nourishment, Dredging,

    Sand Search and Compatibility

    Erosion Control

> Project Management

    Specifiaction Preparation

    Data Collection 

    Feasability Studies

> FEMA Flood Mapping


    Base Flood Map

    Elevation Certificate

> Projects

  Relevant Projects

  done by H&M


Recent Projects

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